This morning I passed a well known Dept store in Oxford Street,I walked around the back on my way towards Harley Street , and on the way  was immediately drawn to a beautiful window display of room diffusers and  scented candles( not that I could smell them through  the glass, but the whole ambiance was […]

The Olympics

Our Great Leader, Theresa May , last night ordered a Victory Parade to welcome home Britain’s Olympic team….57 medals!,(so far…) Wow! what an amazing achievement……a culmination of years and years of hard graft, grueling training,and a determination beyond belief…. How DO they do it? Imagine the swimming……Its bad enough jumping into a shower at 6 […]

A Day Off

A day off today from “ The Institution”!! … The Institution being an entirely new concept to someone who always loved work.  Had a fun time with colleagues and always looked forward to the ad hoc adventures of a new week…. Welcome to the world of change!! Always one to embrace change and new situations. […]

A Little Bit Of Background

I was on the Victoria Line the other day,and having forgotten to pick up a Metro, I had nothing to read… I contemplated,albeit briefly, joining the popular “Commuters Club”, where, like the Masonic handshake, the main passage of entry is sitting on the underground staring at a phone!!… everyone is at it!  I counted… all […]