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A Day Off

A day off today from “ The Institution”!! … The Institution being an entirely new concept to someone who always loved work.  Had a fun time with colleagues and always looked forward to the ad hoc adventures of a new week….

Welcome to the world of change!!

Always one to embrace change and new situations.  Day 1 began on a positive note… on my part that is, as the word “ positive” hadn’t yet filtered through to the colleagues at NPW (New Place of Work)…  I thought maybe at first I had taken a wrong turning, as the office is next to a well known church, and perhaps I had entered the door of some sacred sect, all of whom had taken a vow of sila-day-ofnce!!!

Hmmmm… on that note I decided on another mode of action, the coffee gesture!!  Not that I knew the whereabouts of any coffee, let alone the location of the kitchen… so my great belief in “you reap what you sow was being put to the test, albeit in its simplest form… here goes”  Would anyone like a coffee?”  Well… that was met with what Oliver Twist experienced when he asked for more!!!

I did meet a glorious little girl in the kitchen.  I adored her immediately, she had trouble and naughtiness written all over her face, but she was exciting and vibrant and the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen, that portrayed a certain vulnerability and total honesty… they do say “that the eyes are the window to the soul” and I knew she was a good egg.  The one advantage that she had above all the others was the fact that she obviously had taken a leave of absence when the silence vow was taken and in the time it took to boil the kettle she had filled me in on the office politics, but more of that later.

Today I’m free!  I’m off… no major plans, but since when did that stop the most unusual things from happening.  I so often wonder what it is that attracts people, situations and events to just arrive at my feet.  I don’t have “talk to me” tattooed on any part of my anatomy, but today (having been caught in last nights pouring rain whilst running in Green Park…..no….why underestimate my gruelling hard work over the past year? … sprinting like the wind… well… a light breeze perhaps) was a really bad hair day, that was fortunately being sorted tomorrow morning, so I would just pop into town to my usual coffee shop in a quiet little street in Marylebone.

I loved it round there, the window boxes were all so jolly and bright and gave me many ideas for all my pots… oh I had to pick up 2 dresses from the dry cleaners, which had been altered… that’s the dresses by the way, not the dry cleaners… I know I digress but there is something wonderfully smug about collecting something that has been taken in 4 inches… as if anyone is really that interested, but I notice in M&S if the right size isn’t on the rail, my voice seems 4 decibels louder when I enquire if the garment is available in a 10 or a 12!  Why shouldn’t I be proud I ask myself… its not easy losing 5 stone, but then… as my BFF and I have discussed over the last 20 years… “its not the losing….its the keeping it off” and that is so true…

You see, I’m doing my Ronnie Corbett again… I’m known for that… starting one topic then meandering off down another road completely!!!  I think its because I have so much to say, I need to get it all in and whoever is listening, as long as I’ve given the outline of the story… they can decide upon their own ending… I’m onto the next thing, not ideal, I know.

Anyway… back to the coffee shop… I think outside is order of the day, sun is about to shine… I think… But Christina who has worked there for the last 2 years wasn’t there… I thought she must be in the kitchen, but a stranger told me she had left, but she can’t have done (like she had no right to even consider leaving without asking me first!!!)  Well… I liked her… I knew all about her family and her husband wanting to go back to Bavaria to see his elderly parents and the fact that he wanted to go for 5 weeks… but leaving? – that was never mentioned.

I don’t particularly like change (that’s Taurus rising, which is in direct contrast to my Sagittarius sun, that thrives on change, new adventures, freedom, new cultures and travel just so you get the picture)  The new girl produced the same coffee, was just as pleasant, but just not my Christina, who, by the way was a Virgo.

Anyway , it was time to make a move and make my weekly visit to Selfridges.  I wonder if Magdalena is in today?  Now Magdalena was another unsuspecting victim, a Make up Artist I came accross on the Lancome counter, an Aquarian, with “ man trouble” so of course we bonded immediately.  She ended up telling me all the details of her affair with Harry and due to his lack of communication, should she, or shouldn’t she, end it all!!

I often wonder if I did a survey around the cosmetic hall or indeed to any given group of females, then I estimate that more than 50% would complain about “man trouble”… why is that?  Is it because as a species we have all been led by the childhood fantasy of the fairy tale and are continually disappointed by the realities of life in a big city – where the dream and reality rarely coincide… and if they do, does that dream outweigh the expectations?…  Hhmmmm… one to ponder

Well… before getting to Selfridges, infact I hadn’t got out of my chair outside the coffee shop when a grey haired elderly character from the rather smart tailors shop opposite…. (to be continued)

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  1. Well Millie, I really think this is the start of a Bridget Jones type of book.Quite remarkable you can pack so much life into a day. Truly a great gift for enjoying each moment it would seem.

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