When You Believe…….

I think to some, it’s rather like Marmite!!….you love it or you hate it, but which ever side of the fence your preferences lie, Its here again !! and that for sure cant be avoided ,try as you may! The commercialised songs, The TV ads that bring a Smile,a Tear, or an ” Aaaaarh” …..The […]

Open Every Door

“Have you seen the old man in the closed down market Picking up the papers, with his worn out shoes. In his eyes you see no pride and hanging loosely at his side Yesterdays paper, telling yesterdays news… So how can you tell me you’re lonely? And say for you that the sun don’t shine […]

A week in the Country

        What is it about the phrase “A week in the Country” that conjures up a picture of all that one thinks one is missing, living in a crime infested capital city? Is it a question of ” the grass is always greener?” or is it in fact that both ways of living […]

Tynemouth,Teapots,Trinkets and Things

Isn’t it strange how random thoughts suddenly pop into one’s head…..or words that one has never even given a passing thought to in years…and suddenly there it is! Out of nowhere.One even questions as to whether or not such a word  could still exist…..hmmm does it?… I wonder? This happened to me early yesterday morning,..I was […]


This morning I passed a well known Dept store in Oxford Street,I walked around the back on my way towards Harley Street , and on the way  was immediately drawn to a beautiful window display of room diffusers and  scented candles( not that I could smell them through  the glass, but the whole ambiance was […]

The Olympics

Our Great Leader, Theresa May , last night ordered a Victory Parade to welcome home Britain’s Olympic team….57 medals!,(so far…) Wow! what an amazing achievement……a culmination of years and years of hard graft, grueling training,and a determination beyond belief…. How DO they do it? Imagine the swimming……Its bad enough jumping into a shower at 6 […]

A Day Off

A day off today from “ The Institution”!! … The Institution being an entirely new concept to someone who always loved work.  Had a fun time with colleagues and always looked forward to the ad hoc adventures of a new week…. Welcome to the world of change!! Always one to embrace change and new situations. […]

A Little Bit Of Background

I was on the Victoria Line the other day,and having forgotten to pick up a Metro, I had nothing to read… I contemplated,albeit briefly, joining the popular “Commuters Club”, where, like the Masonic handshake, the main passage of entry is sitting on the underground staring at a phone!!… everyone is at it!  I counted… all […]